Our main services include:IT Support

Computer Support 
If you are seeing this page then you have a computer and if you have
a computer you know just as well as millions of other people
around the world know that computers give trouble with the result
most of the times getting really frustrating.

Computer Repairs

Our qualified team of computer repair and support technicians will come to your home or office anywhere in the NYC area and diagnose and treat your computer then and there.

Computer Upgrades 
Do you have an old computer, but are hesitant to upgrade because
you are afraid of losing your old data? We offer an effective Solution where you dont have to lose anything.

Data Recovery
Data loss can be devastating to any business, but recovery is much easier if a contingency
plan is formulated before the event, rather than after. We offer a preventive and .

Laptop Repairs 
We offer quality repairs on all makes and models of laptops at competitive rates,
Our technicians have many years experience.

Computer Hardware 
No computer can be built or used without hardware components and as such, no good computer
solutions provider can call himself that if he doesn’t supply and service computer hardware.

Virus Removal
We use the latest virus detection and removal technology,
to firstly irradicate any ‘infections’ from your PC and then secondly to
repair any damage that has been done.

Network installation 
Network installations, ranging from the simplest one joining only a couple of computers
together to the more sophisticated networks like those in use on industrial scale,
are always a delicate factor to tackle seriously as it deserves, cause this process will
play a big part in your network’s communication efficiency result at the end.

Network Support 
In today’s world, most of our home computer systems together with nearly
all the ones used for business are either directly connected on a network
or are linked to one in some way or another.

Network Security
Any network, whether a private or commercial one, is vulnerable to numerous
intruder threats such as viruses, mal & spy ware and worst of all hackers,
just to name a few.

Server Support 
Being a serious Computer and IT supply and support source we could not overlook a most important
role player in network structures, the server unit. In a simple home network as well as in an office location,
if your equipment is networked, then certainly a server is also present.

Contacting us 
Call our mobile team at 347 902 4606 or email