DemonSaw: Saving Cyberspace by Reinventing File Sharing


Internet access is a basic human right, due to its unparalleled capacity to deliver content and information. Recently, our right to share files online has been under assault by governments, corporations, and others who fear openness and personal privacy rights. People have been persecuted, fined, and even imprisoned for simply sharing data electronically. As private conversations transition from the home to the web, we’re losing our fundamental rights to privacy and personal beliefs.

While many of us believe that information should be and can be freely shared, we are not without blame. As experts in our fields we have at our disposal an arsenal of tools, experience, and technologies to open up the Internet for limitless info-sharing without fear of retribution or loss of personal privacy and freedom. Saving cyberspace means that there are times when we need to break the mold of old and stale thinking — creating something new and beautiful that has the power to change the world.

This presentation is a free data manifesto, a historical analysis, and a recipe for creating a new approach to info-sharing that’s free from snooping, intervention, and interruption from all outside entities. If you’ve ever been concerned about the risks and insecurity of info-sharing, make sure to attend. Understanding our right to share is the first step to changing the world.